Business rules and regulations Rahisi cereals stores shall have the following rules for the effective customer relations i. This will be the bases for advanced technology. I also affirm that it has not been presented to this institution or any other college for academic purposes, or for any other purpose. These technologies will be cheap to purchase, easy to maintain and use effectively. These include Kenya school of monetary studies, Drive-in primary school and Drive in secondary school. Good transport and communication network 2. Collecting all legal documents like licenses ii.

Determining the product market within which a market research will be conducted 2. The bill is paid according to the amount of electricity used. As the business grows, it will use KCB because it is the cheapest and reaches a wide area. May God Bless you all. There will be regulations affecting the running of the business. This shall be paid also according to the water used. Always be positive and enthusiastic iv.

They include those customers in slums owning food kiosks, because most of the customers for food in kiosks are prefer eating from kiosks which is cheaper. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


The business shall use a direct channel of distribution which will be very short and no middle men shall be involved. Ensure customer satisfaction through fulfilling his needs and solving his problems vii. This will be used for startup cost like: The business will commence its operations in the year January 1st. This will cost the business Ksh. Technology At start up the business will businses the cheapest and most available technology; i. Thanks to my business plan supervisor, Mrs.


Sorting and sieving grains to remove stones, rotten grains, and chaff to sell clean products Install at least a fire extinguisher to cater for any fire outbreak.

business plan knec format

It operate as a sole proprietor by Janet Mutanu Nzyoki as the Proprietor. This process is also aimed at improving the productivity of the business.

Labor The business will have a capacity of 8 laborers at the start up. Financial Plan The business requires a capital of four hundred thousand Shillings [,].

These will include maize, beans, peas, cow peas, flour, sugar rice, muthokoi etc. An end of year party shall be held in the premises. The insurance goes for Ksh. Log In Sign Up. Water The Nairobi city Council shall cater for water supply in the premises.

business plan knec format

I also appreciate my friends Naomi and Priscilla for their corrections and forkat. Ensure good ventilation and drainage of the store. The remaining hundred thousand Shillings [,] will be borrowed from cooperative bank of Kenya. Intellectual and Industrial Property. At startup the business shall target the slums starting with Mathare North and later go to open a branch in other slums such as Kibera, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Dandora and even Muthurwa.


business plan knec format

In other words the business plan format helps you to clarify your own ideas and present them clearly to others. There will be regulations affecting the running of the business.


They would require Ksh 64, per month as salary. The influence of Rahisi Cereals Stores, the market shares will be as following in the charts below.

Offering of competitive prices which shall match with quality of the product i. There are three hospitals surrounding the business premises. Commercial Customers These customers buy products for sale at a businses. Determining the product market within which a market research will be conducted 2. Co-operation and team-work spirit.

Search this site http: There will this provision of different qualities and quantities. Treat each customer with royalty v. The Business Plan Format.