We have partnered with organizations from various industries to transform training into successful learning experiences. Feedback from players has been great – staff tell us that the game really helps them think about how they treat patients and how they can improve patient safety. Our gamified workshop cut the time required for induction by half, and both the client and participants find the new process much more engaging and efficient. The meta-study found that, compared to other methods, simulation games deliver: Connect With Us Linkedin twitter facebook Rss youtube.

Hats off to whomever came up with the game and those who introduced it to all of us. July 16, – 1: Feedback from players has been great – staff tell us that the game really helps them think about how they treat patients and how they can improve patient safety. Checkers Drive-Thru Customer Service -[created]-. Before they can work with customers, new associates must obtain a deep knowledge of our architectures and technologies.

This interactive format has made it one of the most popular training resources, with 24 million users completing million exercises as of January September 21, – 6: Beira Central Hospital, Mozambique Issue: The training made me aware that I know the process and steps very well.

case study mgames

JPUH wanted a fun way to engage staff and raise awareness of the importance stuvy the flu jab and to bust common vaccine-related myths. August 21, – 8: However, little work has been done to evaluate how suitable board games are for engaging with service-users and patients.


Case Studies – Focus Games

Since launch, till transactions have been reduced by 7. Cold Warm Hot 1,false,3,Lead Temperature,2.

Wyndham Management Onboarding Performance Readiness -[created]. Reduce number of medication errors by improving staff awareness and competency.

Checkers Drive-Thru Customer Service -[created]. Because of the importance of loss prevention, COMPANY casw a solution that would engage learners, get their attention, and motivate them to learn and apply the process.

July 17, – 4: Loomis Learning Management System -[created]. There are many advantages of user generated content in online learning.

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mgams Check here if you are human. In each lesson, coding simulators let learners practise each command and line of code as they go. The sales reps used the game to test their knowledge about the product before launch, and the game contributed to a very successful launch.

The agents enjoyed the game and were excited to compete against their peers. Professors at City University of New York and the University of South Carolina found that after 34 hours using DuoLingo, learners could reach a level that would take over hours in a traditional college scenario. Rising loan statistics prove the increasing popularity of the games with staff members across the Trust.

This company wanted to streamline their induction process, as it was time consuming, expensive and ineffective.


case study mgames

Knowledge Guru is essential to reinforcing this technical knowledge, and participants have rated Knowledge Guru highly as a learning tool that helped them achieve their certification. Think About the Learning and Then The Sepsis Game was introduced into the Trust in Does it actually work?

Coaching Champions Soft Skills Training -[created]. The McDonalds Till game is a simulation designed to improve sales by making till service more efficient.

Games: Case Studies

The app also features timed challenges in which the learner has to answer 20 questions in 30 seconds, gaining XP and additional time for every correct caase.

Skip to main content. However, the mechanics behind it have been covered in depth. We are happy to partner with them to supplement our training methods and tools.

case study mgames

Built quickest pipeline for product compared jgames previous launches in the past two years. This initial evaluation suggests that board games may be a useful and enjoyable tool for helping staff and service-users to explore and discuss the important role of food, fluids and effective communication in social care settings. The games address Dysphagia and Communication. Feedback from players has been consistently positive.