Assessing the effects of electronic media usage on the sale of print media in Ghana: Promoting active learning in colour psychology with teaching and learning materials at Takoradi Polytechnic. Risk management practices of foreign contractors in Ghana. Performance of Pona and Afebetoyen yam cultivars in two improved storage structures in the Yendi Municipality. Using simulated annealing approach for scheduling sports tournament traveling problem A case study of Ghana Football. Analysis of electrical power usage in houses using smart electrical distribution switch. Effect of motivation on service quality:

Effects of intercropping and cropping systems on the postharvest quality of maize and roselle. Comparative analysis of technical efficiency and profitability of cabbage production in selected urban, peri-urban and rural areas of Ashanti Region. Effect of celebrity endorsement on product competitiveness of Globacom Ghana Limited. Assessment of food safety knowledge and attitudes of street food consumers in the Kumasi metropolis. Evaluation of peanut paste in selected markets in Northern Ghana.

A study of the lived experiences of selected brothel-based sex workers in Kumasi. An assessment of consumer perception on CSR in the telecommunication industry in Ghana. Assessment of customer business characteristics on loan defaults in financial institutions.

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School knsut and its implication on the education of pupils: Haemato-biochemical profile of diabetes mellitus patients in the Dunkwa Metropolis. Performance analysis of electrode materials activated carbon and carbon butts in microbial fuel cells using domestic wastewater. Assessment of physico- chemical properties of processed and unprocessed tomato Lycopersco esculentum vars manica and power. Effects of mulching materials on agronomic characteristics, pests of pepper Capsicum annuum L.


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Antibiotics in Ghanaian environment: Evaluation of peanut paste in selected markets in Northern Ghana. The effect of various drying methods on drying characteristics, sensory and nutritional qualities of yam.

cemba knust thesis

Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory effects of the hydroethanolic extract of Holarrhena Floribunda in Murine Models of inflammation. Extent of use of computer-aided project planning and control systems in the Ghanaian construction industry. Impact of biochar, cattle manure and mineral fertilizer on soil properties and grain yield of maize zea mays l.

Reporting of adverse drug reactions: Efficacy, Pharmacokinetics and safety evaluation of Cryptolepine-Artemisinin based combinations in the management of uncomplicated malaria. A study on investors’s perception towards mutual fund investment: Strategic outsourcing at Anglogold Ashanti: Impact of corporate image on customer choice of telecom service provider in Ghana A case of Vodafone Ghana Limited.

The effect of crude oil price on domestic investment in Ghana. An investigation into the use of marketing strategies by Colts football clubs in the Kumasi Metropolis. Assessing the effect of branding on the performance of bottled mineral water producing companies in Ghana. The performance of mutual fund in Ghana: Impacts of community-forest management on land use change, vegetation dynamics and carbon stocks in South-Eastern Senegal.


Studies on economic growth and income in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dynamics of price stabilization with buffer stock: Military sourcing and logistics support for operations: An investigation into customer care practices in public hospitals in Kumasi Metropolis.

Assessing the quality of health care delivery in Ejisu-Juaben Municipality: Construction of roads using labour based technology; opportunities and challenges in feeder roads. The impact of sales promotion and knjst on customer retention in the Brewery Industry of Ghana. Foot ulcers, Lower extremity amputations and Sexual dysfunction in three selected hospitals in Ghana.

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Evaluation of organic amendments for the management of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne SPP. Fair pricing of life insurance participating policies with embedded surrender option under stochastic interest rate model.

Case study of Ho centre of University of Cape Coast. Community participation and challenges to implementation of health programmes: The mobilization of internally generated fund and its effects on local economic development in the Wa Municipality.