Decision problems solvable in polynomial time. He co-taught with Kruskal same homeworks, tests, everything , so if you’re looking to escape Kruskal, taking Mohammad won’t help. This guy is the worst, one of the worst professors ever. I approached him about this and asked if there was any material in the book I could use, and he replied that nothing he taught was in the book. He was even late to the final exam. He has made to fail you.

Her rare efforts to actually teach result in a tirade of nonsense. Like integrals in calculus. So the analysis method is the same as for the worse case. How do we select the median from a group of numbers? Also, because his notes were so sparse and I’m a bad note-taker, I was affected negatively by his teaching style, but not everyone will have a problem with this. Average Case Analysis Count Transpositions. Find biggest element, put at bottom of list, recurse for sub array.

If you can rely on the buckets in the worst case not being very large you can use a quadratic sort within the bucket and still get a linear running time. She doesn’t even write up her own notes. The class of problems that are all equivalent to one another under reduction. Kruskal is a terrible professor. You got a certain amount of points if you understood the homework and you could figure out the other problems on the fly if you generally understood the material.

Breadth First Search While depth first search uses a recursive call, or a stack which are naturally similar in modern machines BFS uses a queue, which while similar in order analysis for most things is not naturally represented in a stack based machine. Solving this will require everything we know to do.


Just keeps on rambling. One exception is quantum computers, but not really proven in reality. The superior team will never lose.

Siblings can be reached by adding or subtracting 1. I’ll agree she’s a very understanding person and I like her exam style, but we should have gotten way more out of than we did.

So the analysis method is the same as for the worse case. He is very stingy with grading and will give little to no partial credit.

It can be done! He makes the class just as difficult as the other professors, but you end up learning less in the end.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Recursively split array down to 1, then merge sorted sublists. Since he’s all into his mathematics, he “curves” by dividing your exam grade by a decimal he magically calculated or pulled out of his ass which is now also homewofk mouth.

Cmsc351 homework solutions

If a question is worth 20 points you will only receive around 4 points for work if you are wrong. If you choose a pivot greater than j, the two will end up on the small solutipns together.

cmsc351 homework solutions

Change a variable to manage sum. I also don’t feel that I learned at all how to apply the knowledge I learned from this class to anything I would see outside of this class.

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He’s more than happy to answer them. He has many homework and practice questions, but never posts the answers.


Natural problems that are polynomial time tend to have low cmsv351. Identify the specific things you want the employee to do in the future to eliminate that performance gap, and what you can do to support the change with training, mentoring, or other resources. Robert Floyd created a better way to create the heap. His lectures are okay, but his examples can be a bit hard to follow.

cmsc351 homework solutions

It’s funny one kid told me about how we should do a drinking game where everyone takes a shot whenever he boasts about himself. Problems in the class NP have the dichotomy that if the answer is yes you can demonstrate it in polynomial time, but many of them are not able to be disproved in polynomial time.

It just has 10 levels much like gambling and dancing now if you own the store content. Assume a Normal distribution. The traditional way to create a heap is to insert at the end of the array and sift up.

Requiring that you traverse both lists. If you’re the unfortunate guy that only got say a 50 on the exam, you get a mere 5 extra points. Also space wise inefficient, but has spacial locality.