Important Quote and Explanation from. Her job is just to move orders between the tables and kitchen, and customer requests are just interruptions to this transformation of food into money. Like Phillip, Joy is able to exert an inordinate influence over her subordinates, not only regulating how they act but also how they feel. As she learns about the job, Barbara no longer fears being overqualified—instead, she misses being simply competent. Joan is another waitress at the Hearthside that Barbara admires.

Posted on November 1, by keniaperez All Characters Barbara Ehrenreich. Table 24 consists of ten British tourists who each order at least two drinks and an array of food. There is no break room because there is no time for breaks. Gail, in turn, tells her excitedly that Phillip is letting her park overnight in the hotel parking lot and sleep in her truck. Barbara Ehrenreich passes the computerized part of the interview and is asked to take a drug test. Accessed May 23,

Her job is just to move orders between the tables and kitchen, and customer requests are just interruptions to this transformation of food into money. This scene is one of slowly increasing tensions, a crescendo of conflict that seems will inevitably end in disaster.

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Serving in Florida Essay Essay Topic: She has to simply be flexible enough to take whatever is being offered, which finally happens at a barnara chain hotel.

Carla experiences considerable joint pain while she works, and her lunch is a bag of hot dog rolls.

The chapter talkes about the writers experience as she tries to mock a life in poverty. Key West for the poor is a place where even trailer parks are too extravagant for minimum-wage work. Because of these people needs, managers use strategies to exert control on them and to take advantaged of their situation, for example, paying minimum salary rates, no providing appropriate healthcare protective plan, offering poor work conditions, demoralizing employees in front of other co-workers with inappropriate attitude, and verbally abusing them evidenced by screaming at and blaming for stealing products without proof of their actions, just to mention some.


You are commenting using your Google account. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The lack of breaks, the sudden flooding of the restaurant by tour buses, and the inability to develop relationships with servers or customers further make the place a far from ideal work environment. Carlottaa middle-aged African-American woman missing all her top front teeth, will be training her. Our author does pretty well under the pressure but realizes it will be a challenge to be accepted by this sisterhood of waitresses.

This is one of the lessons of the low-wage world. Gail mixes pieces of instruction with personal confidences, like the fact that she misses her boyfriend who was killed in a prison fight a few months ago—he was only in prison for a few DUIs, she explains. Nevertheless, her hour-by-hour description of her days shows how monotonous such labor can be, especially given her long commute.

The most important lesson I learned in this essay was to sympathize with those workaholic people that provide services to us.

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. LitCharts From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. This planning was the basis for her experiment so she could further interpret and organize her accumulating data.


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This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Barbara, on the money she makes at the Hearthside, simply cannot pay her rent, so she decides to get another job. She is genuinely ashamed of herself. But when she finally has a chance to sit down and eat something, Stu yells at her. The werving can only ever treat their symptoms—both physical and regarding their finances—and never address the root causes of their problems.

Gail is the waitress who trains Barbara. But what were some of the personal reactions you had to the piece? By detailing the variety of skills that, in fact, she needs to employ, Barbara punctures another stereotype of low-wage labor.

Barbara shows that this tendency is a natural one, probably among many service workers, and adds a hint of her characteristic humor to make her point.

serving in florida barbara ehrenreich thesis

Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Accessed May 23, With her uniform provided, Barbara is officially a part of the low-wage barbada.

Serving in Florida Essay

The are two types of rooms that have to be made up: Strangely, alcohol is not. They talk about all the usual girl things, though not potentially expensive topics like esrving or movies. While she understands the procedural aspects of writing, as a waitress she simply has to deal with requests from all sides.

serving in florida barbara ehrenreich thesis