Mukund I’m eagerly waiting for the widget footer launch Thanks for the Theme Mukund.. As far as the subscribe icon is concerned, just wait for another day or so, I will post an article about it!!! For me, the best thing should be a white background that would make the text readable. Is it the navigation bar? The read more hack is not working. Ping me on gtalk or hit via gmail and I’ll tell you what to do!

Just hit me via email with your template along with the query and I’ll remove it: One of the biggest limitations of Thesis 2. Hope to see it get fixed soon. Can we customize this? Thanks a lot for the share! You can add your random posts widget straight away. I have been using one of the free themes available with Blogger and I am quite happy with it.

Blogs like Gaming, Hacking People prefer to see them on Black background, for some reason it matches with the niche of blog… No doubt Typography matters in every type of blog. I want to add Borders around all content in the page ,like you.

I have converted the WordPress theme into a blogger one. I will soon be adding those added features in this template. The Genesis theme search is growing, whereas the Thesis theme has indeed lost the market. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well. Now he runs sites related to iphone and android.


The whole post is displayed which makes it look ugly. You need replace the post. People hate dark colors.

shoutmeloud thesis theme blogger

Well, that is the code from PopUp Domination! I select themes which have a black background and having images and widgets helps in speeeding up the loading of the post. I have made this video showing bllogger difference between the Genesis theme and the Thesis theme:. Want to discuss your queries and interact with experts? For me, the best thing should be a white background that would make the text readable.

Again, take the footer on this site. I was one of the early adopters of the Thesis theme, and I have been using it since shoutmelokd Take this blog for instance.

shoutmeloud thesis theme blogger

So, don’t miss out anything! Sharing is caring More.

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I’ve updated my template to thesis check it them He built an awesome framework with 2. I just want the background color for links in my post content, I don’t want it to appear for links on my sidebar, header etc. I just revieved the template and the temp is very good for seo.


shoutmeloud thesis theme blogger

I hope you don’t have any problem in doing so! Thanks for your comment. All those which carry the text coding will be posted soon or article coming soon mean the articles are yet to tesis published.

Anyway, enjoy the template and its customizations: I would like to add a point to already mentioned points here in comments and by the author herself and that is SEO. But if you are good at it or have budget to customize your theme, you should check out Thesis theme review by Harsh. If you wish to write for HBBkindly check this.

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I will launch an updated version for this theme in a few weeks time. Please refer to the customization article for the same! Ping me on gtalk and I’ll share the code with you! Choosing a blog theme can be really confusing when facing so many choices!