The only criteria for the program are that the applicant must be a Nigerian and the business must be located in any of the 36 states of the country. In spite of the increment of the number of YouWiN awardees from in the first year of the competition to later, the competition has become morecompetitive. At the end of this stage, 5, successful candidates will qualify for tailored Masterclass face to face training. Eneh Kingsley December 10, at The demand for grasscutter meat is so large that it is not being met. Power sector, Power generation, power distribution, renewable energy, power technology. Must See Go Up Sections:

So dem go Just trow away 50, people like that. We were told by our trainer to go home, work on our business plan and wait for the next step of action which is the submission. We will send you an email with specific details of how to go about the online training. First tranche within December. Aliyu Bajoga October 10, at They should have stated it from the beginning that industries whose raw materials are imported should not apply. First thing, com first.

The meat tastes well and highly relished.

Wisdom Nneji November 27, at 2: What’s the easiest business to start and run in Nigeria? In Nigeria, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get funds for your business is by applying for small business grants. Used to protect the color of potatoes.


youwin business plan competition nairaland

To clarify your worries. Good luck to those who has submitted. Those that manage to get to the market are either consumed raw, underpriced or exported. Used to remove excess oil from fried french fries.

Youwin Connect Business Competition – Business (42) – Nigeria

During the second stage of the program, you are required to do the following: Both the Jonathan led government and this buhari government issued the trainees business certificates after the training. See Who is Eligible to Apply To be eligible for the Business Plan Competition you must satisfy the following criteria You must be a proven citizen of Nigeria no older than 40 years proof of identity: Anonymous March 9, at 6: You are fantastically on point.

Food processing Another profitable industry to consider is the food processing industry. What are some tips to starting up your own small business? Find a nearby market and see where you can serve french fries.

Anonymous January 13, competitiion 5: GEJ stood his ground which is why the program stayed.

concrete block industry in nigeria

Goods like sesame seed, palm oil, cocoa, bitter kola, etc. Tidy up fast n submit ur application.

youwin business plan competition nairaland

But first there are things i would want to bring to your notice which is very key. We all know that it was a bid for Jonathan’s 2nd term in office. This might be the opportunity for the emergence of another intercontinental conglomerate like Dangote.

Abuja is just too far Snails are slow animals with high values; Africa’s Achatina snail species are highly popular and served as delicacies at occasions.


Your business is for profit. But how many people do dey want to empower? And if you win a large company order, you don hamma be dat!

A formal review of the programme undertaken by the Ministry of Finance found that, whilst successful, at the initial stage of enterprise development, the Youwin programme needed enhancement to ensure sustainability. The most common sizes of concrete blocks in Nigeria Nigeria is presently trying to increase its exports, and decrease its dependence on imported products, changes are taking place in order to make that a reality albeit some may seem to be happening at a slower pace than expected.

How do I get a business start up nairapand in Nigeria? Nigeria, with a population of over million has an unsatisfied hungry market that is yearning for satisfaction.

Alex February 4, at 1: Fry the french fries evenly in a short time. God bless us all, don’t be discouraged, just keep on pressing for your best is yet to come, apparently competiition is more important to these politicians than youth empowerment