Once it posts to the application, it will be listed on the status menu with the date received. What do I do? Do I need to add my coursework? If coursework was completed via a study abroad company, please list this course under the primary school with the classification Study Abroad. Date test was taken:

This process will begin as soon as all official transcripts are received and can take up to ten business days to complete. You may list your current courses as completed on your online application, and wait to submit your application until ADEA AADSAS has received the updated transcript, which will cause a delay in your application. Mark the courses as study abroad. When registering for the U. Includes undergraduate and graduate courses. Monitor the application to ensure the transcript is received.

Start the process early. Applicants who submit early—usually sometime in the summer—are more successful in being invited to interviews. If the transcript does not provide a conversion scale, use the conversion sadsas below. What do I do?

Start the process early. Evaluations may be deleted after submission if not completed; new evaluations may be added up to the maximum.

ADEA AADSAS Course Subjects

For more information about Criminal Background Check, contact: When adding a college, type the beginning of the name in the box so that several options display.

A nonscience class that has an intense focus in a science field would be classified as Nonscience. Monitor your application to ensure you transcripts are received.


Do not indicate it for the first attempt. If the transcript lists classiifcation separately, then they must be listed separately on the application as well.

ADEA AADSAS application instructions

Some college transcripts report numeric grades rather classicication alpha letter grades. The organization is the location where or for whom the work took place, and the supervisor is the person who was responsible for you or was in charge of your activity. Upon completion classificafion the test, an unofficial score report at the Prometric Test Center will be made available to the applicant. Food stamp or public assistance: Monthly payments to retired workers, beneficiaries or disabled workers.

For most dental school applicants who have not completed graduate courses, the overall GPA is the same as the undergraduate GPA. If you do not see your transcript posted to your application within the allotted 10 business days after it was requested, please contact the electronic service directly to confirm the order was completed.

If I have attended multiple colleges and transfer credit is listed on the transcript of my primary institution, do I still need to send a transcript from each school?

If your score was sent more than two years ago, it should be resent. You can delete courses or terms by clicking the trash icon. Below describes a list of criteria to use to identify the primary undergraduate or primary graduate college: It is recommended that applicants acquire a new copy of the transcript classificwtion ensure the coursework entered matches the official transcript.


A vital part of the process is that the full instructions are read and the application is reviewed to ensure the necessary steps are taken to complete the application. If the transcript lists labs separately, then they must be listed separately on the application as well.

aadsas coursework classification

Personal statement The personal statement explains why the applicant wants to pursue a dental career. Unemployed individuals Individuals must report a means of support for To request that your evaluation be sent electronically, go to the Colleges Attended folder in the Academic History section of your application.

To report university-level credit earned while a high school student, these courses must be reported under the college or university that awarded you the credit. Applicants can check their application status online or on the mobile webpage.

If your school participates, you can order your transcripts online. DAT and Canadian DAT scores, undergraduate and graduate degree information for schools that were selected as the primary degree-granting institutions and up to three preselected professional experiences per category.

aadsas coursework classification

Repeat 1 and 2 for all terms and courses at an institution. Documents must be accompanied by the attached verification form and a letter from the appropriate agency. If your school does participate, please follow this link http: