A lot of other feedback has made a similar point; this seems to be a a convention that is either field-specific, or one that is in flux, or both. I do that, to make sure they are not given the article to read. I would argue that a very junior scholar might have good reasons to leave out her status and her interests. I published an article as a Ph. I want to resubmit the revised version of my paper to proposed journal, but I do not know how do I start letter for reviewers? I will put this on my blog too, which I rarely update. It will have proper letter heading material, ie, the date and the address of the recipient at the top left, under the letterhead.

Skip to secondary content. Here are some practical tips for potential authors. I just think that expectations and practices surrounding this issue have shifted, at least in my field. Articles involved were accepted, so it did not do any harm! This is pretty straightforward. Home About Who is Dr. It will then have four short paragraphs.

I published an article as a Ph.

How To Write a Journal Article Submission Cover Letter

Especially in more esoteric areas, where experts are few, it is a good idea, because the chance that the article will come their way are relatively high. The editor will always read the paper coveer so long cover letters are usually redundant.

Articles involved were accepted, so it did not do any harm! It should only take sentences. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


author cover letter bjog

Just title, sentence description of argument, and contact info. I thought everybody did it, but nobody had actually told me to do it, so for a moment there I figured I was being a brilliant strategist. gjog

author cover letter bjog

Cover letter for a journal submission Pranab’s WeBlog. Many authors are hesitant to compare their work authr previous methods for fear that it will appear to reviewers that they are putting down the contributions of other researchers.

I had no clue what a cover letter for a manuscript should look like. Please note that the names of excluded reviewers should also be included in the relevant field of the online submission form.

author cover letter bjog

Perhaps the best advice is to first inquire closely if a cover letter is required at all, and if so, what it should include. I agree with Michael Hoffman.

Some see it needs to be flashy. FeaturedGeneral InterestJournal Policy.

Assuming there are no instructions, the following is common: Learn how your comment data is processed. No you must not submit an article coveer to more than one journal at a time.

The latter idea was raised at a authir I attended to teach grad students about journals in our field, and all of the editors there expressed the feeling that it would be inappropriate to suggest reviewers in our field. ComputationalEditorialsFeaturedJournal Policy. Here are some practical tips for potential authors.

How To Write a Journal Article Submission Cover Letter | The Professor Is In

It saves me time working out whether the editorial board are really interested in the article in the first place and as Alessandra says above, means it can go directly to peer-review, having already been approved by the editorial board as an abstract.


A killer cover letter is a must to even get a review by the top science journals. Those will override anything I say here. Briefly explain the novelty and the specific advances over previous work but be realistic about what the method can and cannot achieve. But it would be odd to introduce yourself in the way suggested here most journals do ask for a separate affiliations page, howeveror to suggest reviewers.

Journal publishing EnglishRace, Regionalism, and Nationalism. Anything else is unprofessional. But I am confused with the last part of the cover letter i. Of course, whether the editor decides to use any of the suggested referees is up to him or her.

It is not simply an archaic form of communication letted is becoming obsolete in a digital world; rather, it should be viewed as an opportunity to convey many important pieces of information about a paper to the editors. The second paragraph covers the topic of the biog.

Even less is required for the online systems. Writing this kind of letter for a lit crit journal is a very bad idea. In my field, philosophy, almost all journal submissions are via either email or online management systems.