It can be said that the one thing you want most in life can become clear when you are in an extreme position. So he walked on farther. You can support us by purchasing the book below: We too have grown up as an accepted part of our multicultural neighborhood in the world. Whole story explained in the best possible way..

Books by Language uslprototype. He keeps yelling for his mother and father, in the hope that they may hear his mournful cries. Sukanya November 7, 4: At the door of the temple the crowd was so thick that he was knocked down and was about to be trampled when he was picked up by a man in the crowd. But when he turned round he could not find them anywhere. At little distances on the green grass he could see, through his filmy eyes, men and women talking. The innocence of a child is exhibited in a soft manner he overcomes the pain of his unfulfilled dreams and finds beauty in the simple things like the bounties of Mother Nature.

They have colourful and diverse appearances; some are brightly dressed while some are ordinarily clad.

He ran quickly again, this time kf a shrine to which people seemed to be crowding. Though they refuses to buy him anything the boy holds no ill will towards his parents. Popular posts from this blog Dr. Ardhendu De August 31, at 9: The child followed them in the air with his gaze, till one of them would still its wings and rest, and he would try to catch it.

The man next took him to the snake-charmer but he ny to listen to his flute; then he offered to buy him the bright-coloured balloons. But even this noble attempt failed to soothe the hurt of the lost child. He shows a great understanding of his circumstance and does not linger too long at any vy his desired allurements. At little distances on the green grass he could see, through his filmy eyes, men and women talking. They were seated under an old banyan tree which spread its branches over smaller trees such as the champak and gulmohur.



Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Central to it is humankind’s responsibility to world outside. Tears trickle down his face, his turban is undone and his clothes are drenched in dust and sweat. So, without waiting for an answer, he moved on. Like the child, even though its just my way of seeing, and his parents. Then, he sees a flower vendor and balloon seller.

But what attracted him most was the roundabout.

The Lost Child Summary by Mulk Raj Anand

It was a roundabout in full swing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The greatest attraction for the child came next. But when he turned round he could not lpst them anywhere. Something that is noticeable by his continued calling out for his parents.

The child continued sobbing writhing in anguish and screaming rzj a glimpse and reunion with his mother and father. He is also well aware of the natural bond and instinct of parents and their children and is immune to the allures of fleeting pleasures in sweetmeats or joyrides offered by the kind man.


essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

Highlight 5 ways in which the story is relevant even today decades after it was first penned by its author Mulk Raj Anand. It is also possible that Anand is placing a spotlight on materialism.

The kindhearted man tried to console the child by offering him a ride on the roundabout, but the child repeated his cry for his parents. It might also be a case that the parents have an expectation for their son to learn to enjoy the festival of spring without being side tracked by the vendors whose sole purpose is to make money.

Which bg the case for the man when the boy finds his parents.

essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

mulm Sukanya November 7, 4: It is also clear to the reader that the boy wants several things and not just one item. As they neared the village the child could see many other footpaths full of throngs, converging to the whirlpool of the fair, and felt at once repelled and fascinated by the confusion of the world he was entering.

The man who finds the boy is also an interesting character as through goodwill and kindness he is trying to help the boy. Thank you for your help it must be helpful answer….