She becomes wild with jealousy and confronts him with the accusation of him being unfaithful to her. In the centre of the play stands the question of what is good and what is bad. Analysis of how Lady Windermere fails to meet her own moral standards- or does she? On that day her mother, Mrs Erlynne, a fallen woman who was commonly believed to be dead reappears in her life after twenty years of separation. She has never seen her before but does not even consider this first judgement to be wrong. On the one hand she is being introduced as a character that at first glance seems to be very serious and stands up for her own beliefs -like when she rebukes Lord Darlington in Act One about his vicious lifestyle.

The way she talks, the way she acts , the way she looks. Wilde was not a moralist, but an artist. In the entire play Lady Windermere never talks about her child spontaneously. I was brought up like that. Stuttgart, , I.

To give her an opportunity to escape she knowingly commits her winxermeres character assassination by stepping out from behind the curtain where she and Lady Winderemere hided.

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This was necessary before I was able to get started on writing process. Everything in her world is either black or white- after her ordeal she learns that there is a lot in between.

The women in his plays are mostly plain indifferent stereotyped creatures living ordinary lives. The criteria for my evaluation of her is based on her relationships to the other main characters in the play. He claims to love her but in fact the only thing he loves about her is that he cannot have her. Mrs Erlynne on the contrary is not interested in morals. Child, you and she belong to different worlds.


It seems to be the first time in her life that quesyions really feels guilty about something and realizes that she herself has commited a sin.

essay questions for lady windermeres fan

Lady Windermere fascinates him with her stern nature of an uncompromising moralist. Consequentially they were of relatively slight significance to him. S J sarah jakobsohn Author. Now qurstions question raises whether Lady Windermere is still any better than her mother. The Windermeres decide to forget about the troubles of the last twenty-four hours and go on with their perfect married-life as before.

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The main part of this work concentrates on Lady Windermere herself. Before that Lady Windermere lived in a protecting shell which did not let anything bad come near her.

All his life he tried to adapt himself to society and wanted to become an accepted part of it. Lord Darlington who offers her his friendship is winsermeres used as the only way out she sees at that moment. The two women are trapped.

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She has never been encouraged to have a mind of her own and to be a strong, independent individual. She rushes off to follow her daughter.

This -of course- does not preclude that he loves her but it certainly underemines the set gender roles of the time and excuses Lady Windermere in a sense for her naivty and lack of tolerance towards people of different moral understanding from her own. When her husband asks queshions to invite the doubtful woman to her birthday party which is planned for the night she once again feels affirmed about his guilt. You sully the innocence that is in her. Once led astray, she windremeres the fallen woman, and nothing could reconcile that till she died.


For him nothing is sacred. Lord Darlington, a Dandy and essag of Lady Winderemere, asks her to leave her husband and marry him instead.

Its ideal is Love.

Marriage is nothing but a game. I am glade of it. This is an important difference between the two woman.

Lady Windermere’s Fan Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

One can always find them. Anglistik – Literatur Women in the Victorian Era.

essay questions for lady windermeres fan

Lord Windermere clearly believes that he is fulfilling the role of the protective male and all-knowing guardian to his wife and in this presumption ironically emphasizes his own lack of understanding in the end of the play when he requires the protection of the two women to keep the stainless picture of his wife.

At least we all should have.