It’s hard to give a ballpark figure, but my final thesis draft had 88 citations – this figure of course does not include articles which I have browsed but didn’t use. The type of experience is also important. Most PhD programmes require at least a second-upper. I think explaining is one of my strengths although it was ironically one of my weaknesses. I was lucky to have found a prof who had several topics I could choose from, and which gave me experience in interacting with patients at IMH too. Most likely done over Skype. One way to boost this is to take a few years to do an RA or research masters.

A thesis is dependent on 2 further factors: Start finalizing your applications December The deadline for most programmes is in early to mid-December Finalize and submit! These are questions many undergraduates find themselves asking, and are also questions I’ve been asked numerous times. A research Masters is also sort of like a higher level undergrad, but you will also have to do a thesis in addition to lesser coursework. Take some programming modules in school so you have something tangible to put on your CV.

Check the following websites for PhD studentship openings:.

honours thesis psychology nus

Hi Ivana, I have some questions regarding the honours thesis and would appreciate if you could answer them. Other stuff CCA, leadership, volunteering etc. How long was the different part of your thesis? I personally feel that I did much less reading than I would have if I took 3 modules I still don’t know.


How do I apply to graduate school? Romilda Gareth 29 June at If you would like to apply for this position, please indicate your interest here or at tinyurl. I have some questions regarding honours thesis and it would really help if you could clarify them! Rating — 1 being least and 5 being most.

honours thesis psychology nus

Are you expected to come up with and propose your research idea s to the professor? At the very least, your application out of a few hundred others might be looked at more closely. There are only a handful of people on the admissions committee and they will be reading hundreds of statements. Most people, when they decide they want to write a thesis or are thinking about it, there are 2 broad reasons why they want to do so.

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Takes 2 years usually. As a psychology major, you are required to take at least 40 MCs worth of level modules to graduate with honours. Hi, thanks for your questions! Your thesis grades will be revealed to you thesls with the release of the other module psycholoby. September Finalize your CV. It is possible to get in with a second lower or third, but the other aspects of your application must be strong see the section below on applications.

A research Masters is also sort of like a higher level undergrad, but you will also have to do a thesis in addition to lesser coursework.


When you write a thesis, it’s up to you to plan your time and how fast you want to do things. You get most of the time paid to do thesus PhD.

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Grad school application is mostly a crapshoot, with a lot of factors beyond your control. Once you have decided and accepted an offer, it is a basic courtesy to inform your other applications that you have made a decision and to withdraw your application. Yr 2 Sem 1: There is actually a lot of preparation that has to be done for Skype interviews too much to list here.

Write concisely and clearly.

Which is good and bad. The period honouts asking profs to accept you as their student kind of coincided with exchange. You will find a way! If you are a huge procrastinator, modules may be the way to go for you. Are you ok with freezing winters in Minnesota? Good grades high second-upper or first class.

Honours Thesis – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – NUS where students develop their own research questions, conduct independent fieldwork and analyse their data under close guidance from their supervisors. Is your professor hands on i.