My time at BNN taught me how to work hard and accurately in an informal atmosphere and how a public broadcasting company operates. Language and cultural differencesNevertheless, there are quite a few difficulties that one faces by their arrival in Groningen. We are happy to offer our essay writer services because we do understand how much you value your time. IRIO does have a focus on world politics and uses a theoretical approach, but it also addresses social sciences, economics, history, law and some other fields Read more. Sabine van Enckevort afgestudeerd in I got to present my papers at conferences in Berlin, Toronto and Nijmegen This Research Master not only provides you with amazing reflexive and writing skills, but also allows you to get in touch with other philosophers in and outside of the Groningen department. The Arts Culture and Media programme is unique because it offers an Interdisciplinary study within modules that examine the mutual interdependence of the arts In-depth study in one art form and Socially relevant study examining the social, ethical, and ideological dimensions of contemporary arts worlds in order to build bridges between academic institutions and living artists, communities, and arts organisations for their mutual and healthy proliferation in society.

Last month I went to a recruitment fair in Germany. If you have any questions or doubts about your studies, you can always contact the study advisor. FEB Career Services To support you in developing your career and strengthen your employability skills, our FEB Career Services empowers you to achieve lifelong success through various career services during your studies. Once you have met the requirements of the first part of the programme, ideally by the end of the second year, you will spend a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities in Europe, Latin America, Australia, North America, or Asia. Meld je dan uiterlijk op 1 mei aan in Studielink. Next to studying, I have participated in the vibrant student life of Groningen by doing a board year as the Chairman of Study Association Clio and by being involved in the Erasmus Student Network.


With this, you can address a wide range of societal i.

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On a practical level, this means I go to a lot of performances, read blogs, newspapers and specialist literature, and invest in a professional network.

Studying means working independently and planning your studies yourself, but of course, the faculty will help you do so.

International Business

This online course from the University of Groningen is specially designed for secondary school students. The Master’s programme in Philosophy is offered both on a full-time and part-time basis. Modern History and International Relations.

Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. The study advisors are available to help you with specific study problems. I would so do that if I could go to sleep at 8: Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the BSA system.

To ebooks by local authors and build a community around indie writing. inschrijvem

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The Research Master in philosophy prepares you tuesis do a PhD in philosophy, but it also provides vital skills for other jobs where research and presentation skills are needed, such as journalism, government work, consultancy, publishing, rig education.

You can either choose a general Master in International Relations or choose to specialise in a specific field of IR. Not only the aesthetics and history of artworks are studied, but you also examine subjects on sociology, cognition and philosophy Read more.

After I graduate, I would like to work for a consultancy or the government. The Honours College will give talented, motivated students the chance to be challenged even more by following Honours programmes and taking part in numerous other activities.

inschrijven bachelor thesis rug

The mentor, a senior student, will help you learn the ins and outs of the faculty. I would advise other students to do a placement because it gives you a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of a potential working field.

Each student is assigned a tutor that counsels the student on the choices of the individual study programme. Matching is a procedure for students who want to apply for a Bachelor programme without a decentral selection procedure for the academic year inschriijven Combined with the fact that Groningen is a city with a variety of options concerning entertainment and cultural events, I think that it offers great chances for new experiences. I was a visiting student here inand I had the chance to study film in all its variants, focusing on theory and history, analyzing movies, and making an audiovisual essay.


For me, studying in the Film and Media Studies program was a way to use my already existing love for film, and mould that into a theoretical framework.

inschrijven bachelor thesis rug

I had a hard time choosing a discipline that interests me the most. You also receive an introduction to the philosophical background of your arts specialisation, acquiring a more theoretical understanding of your chosen discipline. Check for more info on all courses: The final stage of the Bachelor’s programme is the writing of a thesis. You will focus on international relations, especially on the role of international organizations.

This programme stimulated me to become an active member of the department and eventually even opened the door for me becoming a PhD student. Small-scale classes and a friendly, informal setting stimulate contact between our staff and students.

In case you have questions regarding this application procedure, you can get in contact with the Course Manager Baachelor Masters, Nadja Zadorina n.


Education Bachelor’s degree programmes Arts, Culture and Media. Inschrujven study this programme in Groningen? The programme is theoretical in nature, but motivates you to discover the practical applications, and offers you the opportunity to explore the various artistic disciplines in depth. Mathematics should have been passed as higher level advanced subject in your secondary education.