Naseer, Syed Khaja A process miggration subsystem for distributed applications: Ahmed, Abdul Rahim Nasir Integrated production, quality and maintenance models for multistage production-inventory systems. Ratrout, Ndhal Taisir Estimating the parking demand for mosques. Ahmed, Syed Zaka Cyclopolymerization of unsaturated quaternary piperazinium compounds. Irfan Synthesis and characterization of composite polymeric membranes for proton exchange membrane PEM fuel cell applications. Anwar, Sohail Natural convection flow in parallel-plate vertical channels.

Abdul-Muhsen, Al-ithan thamer Charge dependent effects on nuclear forces. Khurshid, Hassan Effect of bolt layout on the mechanical behavior of bolted joint. Ali, Anjum On the propagation of electromagnetic waves in an inhomogeneous medium. Khan, Ziauddin Ahmad Laboratory evaluation of local asphalt concrete mix design procedures. Khan, Khawar Parallelization of Stochastic Evolution.

Bashir, Rashid Analysis and design of buried pipelines. Hashmi, Syed Shariq Effect of a hydraulic fracture on the performance of a layered gas condensate reservoir. Nassar, Khaled Muhammad Walid Timing driven placement algorithm for standard-cell design. Jibril, Baba El-Yakubu Modeling of transient gas-solid reactions in a fixed-based reactor.

Hakim, Ali Abbas A Parametric study of water-coning in horizontal wells. Moizuddin, Mohammed Solution of the resource-constrained activity networks.

Khan, Khan Abbas A. Ahmed, Shakeel Adsorption of surfactants on Saudi Arabian thesi.

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Ya’uisa, Garba Memory performance evaluation of high throughput servers. Hamzah, Azzam Ahmad Built-in self test logic for a histogrammer memory chip.


Zaheer, Shaikh Faisal Improved rate-compatible low-density parity-check codes with applications to wireless channels.

Abdul Majid, Mohammed Analysis of multi-layer arrow planar waveguide for evanescent field enhancement in low-index. Masoud, Osama Taleb An integrated stereo algorithm based on coarse-to-fine features and intensity values. Biswas, Mohammad Elias Optimization of continuous libraryy current adsorption systems. Ali, Mir Mujahid Identification of coherent generators using linear trajectory.

Khan, Shafique Mohammad Ahmed. Ahmed, Abdisalam Mohamed Modeling of biological wastewater treatment in sequencing batch reactors. Azeemuddin, Mohammed Constitutive modelling of Dhahran dune sand using cap model. Suleiman, Oloriegbe Yahaya Theoretical potential scans and vibrational spectra of two rotors halomethyl isocyanates.

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Elahi, Hazm anwar A Study on the performance of delta modulation systems. Tukur, Nasiru Mohammad Density-temperature behavior of pure and defined binary and ternary hydrocarbon mixtures. Barnawi, Abdulaziz Yagoub Multicast routing protocol with partial flooding for ad hoc wireless networks. Hussain, Mohammed Lobrary Investigation of heat and moisture transfer during solids drying. Al-Dharrab, Ahmad Abdulaziz Elementary divisors over rings.

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Ahmed, Eball Hifthy Numerical simulation of ice crystal growth initial frosting process. Afroz, Syed Mohiuddin Effect of captive riders in intercity mode-choice modeling. Mahmood, Kashif Decision feedback equalization using hybrid lattice-neural network structures. Al-Marzoug, Ahmed Mohammed Acoustic wavefield in an inhomogeneous ocean.


Al-Saadi, Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Computational study of conformational behavior and analyses of vibrational spectra of some ketenes. Sabir, Syed Mohammad Tnesis traffic noise thesks developing countries.

Masood, Mudassir Multi-scale analysis techniques in pattern recognition systems. Hossain, Mahmood Parallel optical architectures for some comparison-based problems.

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Khan, Muhammad Kashif Saeed Automatic classification of speech and music in digitized audio. Bashir, Khalid Quantifying crude oil spill volume in homogeneous and layered porous media from product thickness in monitoring wells.

Sadiq Sait Mohammed and Dr. Ahmed, Neaz Comparative study of different methods of vibration control of rotor bearing systems. Khidir, Mohamed Ahmed Influence of transverse normal strain on finite, simply supported isotropic and orthotropic plates.