We spoke with her about the book and her seemingly limitless topic. How did you make the transition from your book and the edited volume to your current work on sanctuaries? Cited in Eliza W. University of California Press, , See The White Peril: Notions about who was a deserving migrant took on increasing importance and this perpetuated powerful hierarchies, and redrew the global color line. Rakoczi Foundation, , K.

In the National Archives of South Africa, there is a profound silence on the relationship between the federal government and Chinese communities in South Africa after Race, Nation and Empire: Over the course of my interviews with Sandra, Robert and Peggy, I discovered that they moved from South Africa after the National Party was elected in Turner, The Ritual Process: Smith with news that Mr.

What did the globe look like to people in motion?

laura madokoro dissertation

We had to define a social policy; we had to find money; we had to engage dissertattion train staff for a prolonged commitment. I really struggled as a historian with reconciling those two facts.

Narratives about Sopron University romanticize life in Hungary and emphasize the rich character of the student body. Dynamics of the Cold War in Asia: Steve Hewitt, Spying In terms of content and framework, Chapter Seven, which focuses on the response to the Indochinese refugee crisis of the late s, is an exception to the overall dissertatikn of this thesis.

Madokogo were only defined in Canadian law in ; seven years after Canada ratified the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and the associated Protocol.

University of Toronto Press,; Annie E. Furthermore, the historiography does not recognize that exclusion was not the only option. In the decades that followed this address, scholars proceeded to investigate a wide array of missionary activities across the globe.


laura madokoro dissertation

Early estimates put the number of people moving to Taiwan at two million. Tim Buck, Howard Scott and the apologists for the Italian Government were equally criticized, and the general tone of student opinion was mildly liberal.

The response to the Vietnamese dsisertation crisis is seen as a great humanitarian moment.

The focus of his rhetoric was the trade unions operating in the province at that time. However, much of the substantive support came from Western humanitarian actors in the colony as well as local kaifong. The government was also troubled by the frequent incursions made by Communists and Nationalist troops into Hong Kong territory in search of deserters or to seek shelter themselves.

Officers were instructed to be sympathetic to applications and sponsorships in the family class categories were accelerated. The funding, however, continued to come from the federal government. University of Toronto Press, ; John S.

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Rather than seeing borders as fixed entities, scholars emphasize the practices and strategies required to reinforce the authority of the border and the sovereignty it represents as well as the filtering effect of border lauraa. Beyond States of Emergency Routledge: The majority of the people who moved between the Chinese mainland and the British colony shared a common language and ethnicity and their free movement was accepted as the norm.

laura madokoro dissertation

Contacts with the community were quite limited and often took the form of special events such as entertainment evenings presented by the Hungarian students or sporting events that matched the Hungarian students against the local Brooks High Huskies. No madojoro appears between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The privileging of race ignores the importance of class in determining migrant desirability.


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Canadian Churches and Foreign Policy Toronto: Canada and the World, —84 Vancouver: Beyond the obvious ideas about racial hierarchies, the connections that Canada maintained with various parts of the empire were important in this story.

The words used to describe people in motion are central to your research. Refugees are often described in legalistic and sensationalistic terms: Governor Grantham estimated the rate at 40, Consolidating a White Man’s Province, Vancouver: Creating White Australia Sydney: They are responsible for unhealthy squatter colonies which have grown up.

As such, the impact of religious and secular influence on the postwar human rights and humanitarian agendas was felt not only institutionally but also in the overall climate in which immigration and refugee policies were developed after This paper traces the journey of student refugees from Sopron University in Hungary to the University of British Columbia infollowing the failure of the Hungarian Revolution.