Footwear designed for making music Yu-Da Ho: Gestural three dimensional interface. Naked Mouth Kate Watkins: Interactive Audio-visual ecosystem manipulated with gestures and touch Lee Meredith: Interactive Table Installation Rafael Mejia:

Divine Beats — Night at the Monastery: A Medical adherence tool for the developing world Jason Rothman: Spacetime Explorer Seungkyun Lee: Madeline Cericola Contraband Library. Arabic Fonts Stephanie Farah:

Doll-tangible user interface designer toy game controller Eric Nunez: Tangles with the Teacup Catherine Strassman: Yea Ji Jung Kit Calm. Naked Mouth Lucas Vickers: Phototropic Memories Subalekha Udayasankar: Live Piano Projection Mapping System.

mfadt thesis 2016

Communal Bicyclist Interface Boshan Zhou: Games without Pause Brett Burton: Jaire Berkel Krizpyy Design. Charlotte Miller Simulated Avatars. Mikey Hefez Souvenir de Marius.

BFA Communication Design | Thesis –18 | Parsons School of Design

Wendy Ching The Where. Avinash Hirdaramani E Motion.

mfadt thesis 2016

The inner dialogue Eun K. Tread Erosion Claudio Midolo: Before the Eternal Silence Charles Saidel: Luli Peralta-Esquivel The Loveseat. Water Crisis in Rafflesia: Interactive typography project Mradt Wu: Jiyoung Hwang Meditation Square.


Little Shadows Lee Williams: Free Gesture Hsiao-Ying Huang: Fundlife Young Eun Min: Game based Writing Engine Juan Patino: Naked Mouth Kate Watkins: Doors Between Us Lynn Maharas: Collaborative Interface for Writers Daniel S. Download Your Emotions Alex Dinsmore: Interactive web-based mobile application for soccer fans Spencer Black: Health Measures for Malawi Shannon Emigh: Explorations toward building an online DIY collaborative community: Installation commenting on Internet Search Noa Dolberg: Victoria Boyd 201 Deus.

mfadt thesis 2016

Interactive Installation Norman Diaz: Whitney Badge Shift to Question. CodeMath Bernando Santos Schrorr: Hand Shadows A hand recognition system and interaction Hyojin Kim: