Transverse acceptance calculation for continuous ion beam injection into the electron beam ion trap charge breeder of the ReA post-accelerator: Effects of nonlocal potentials on p,d transfer reactions: Khoa, Bui Minh Loc, and R. Prediction and suppression of two-point 1st order multipacking: Systematic uncertainties in direct reaction theories: Magnetic response of the halo nucleus 19 C studied via lifetime measurement:

Fission and the discovery of isotopes International conference on years of Nuclear Fission: Wright, Chris Compton, Thomas R. Effects of processing history on the evolution of surface damage layer and dislocation substructure in large grain niobium cavities: Benchmarking nuclear models for Gamow Teller response: Investigation of ion capture in an electron beam ion trap charge-breeder for rare isotopes – Two-parameter Fermi function fits to experimental charge and point-proton densities for Pb:

Determining fundamental properties of matter created in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions: Determining the rp-Process Flow through 56 Ni: Constraints on nucleon effective mass splitting with heavy ion collisions: Spectroscopy and lifetime measurements in 66 Ge, 69 Se, and 65 Ga using fragmentation reactions: Observation of charge asymmetry dependence of pion elliptic flow and the possible chiral magnetic wave in heavy-ion collisions: Sheikh, and Nslc Shi.


Di Leva, and F.

msu nscl thesis

Constraining state-of-the-art effective interactions: Shell evolution toward the drip line: Continuum shell model and nuclear physics at the edge of stability: The 30 P p, gamma 31 S reaction in classical novae: Two-neutron transfer reaction mechanisms in 12 C 6 He, 4 He 14 C using a realistic three-body 6 He model: Ion beam properties after mass filtering with a linear radiofrequency quadrupole: Trapping Atoms the “Old-Fashioned” Way: Do we understand quantum decay?

Reduced quasifission competition in fusion reactions forming neutron-rich heavy elements: Three-nucleon forces and spectroscopy of neutron-rich calcium isotopes: Bui Minh Loc, Dao T. Two-parameter Fermi function fits to experimental charge and point-proton densities for Pb: Coulomb problem in momentum space without screening: Cowan, Anna Frebel, James E.

msu nscl thesis

Horoi, American Institute of Physics p. Evidence for Rapid Shape Transition: Constraints on Skyrme equations of state from properties of doubly magic nuclei and ab initio calculations of low-density neutron matter: Establishing a theory for deuteron-induced surrogate reactions: Reexamining surface-integral formulations for one-nucleon transfers to bound and resonance states: Spin alignment of excited projectiles due to target spin-flip interactions: Systematics of intermediate-energy single-nucleon removal cross sections: Design and construction of a water target system for harvesting radioisotopes at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory: Competition between threshold effects and rotation in an open quantum system: Quasiparticle coupled cluster theory for pairing interactions: Unbound States in the Lightest Island of Inversion: Benchmarking nuclear models for Gamow Teller response: Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical heavy ions, and the nuclear interaction: Interplay between sequential and prompt two-proton decay from the first excited state of 16 Ne: Spectroscopy of 28 Na: Charge radii of neutron-deficient 36 K and 37 K:


msu nscl thesis