The Colossal Eruption of Mount Pinatubo ]. They wouldn’t have to wait long. Newhall and Raymundo S. The eruption removed so much magma and rock from below the volcano that the summit collapsed to form a large volcanic depression caldera 1. In and , the average temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was reduced 0. For successful natural hazard mitigation, it all comes down to the right combination of monitoring data and scientific skill, and then just as important, scientists and public officials who are effective at communicating with each other and with the public who may be in harm’s way.

Nonetheless, only a few hundred people died in the initial eruption, thanks to round-the-clock volcano monitoring, proactive evacuation plans, and a little bit of luck. A software program called RSAM real-time seismic amplitude measurement , developed in to keep an eye on Mount St. Mount Pinatubo had been dormant for around years. She has ducked under a glacier in Switzerland and poked hot lava with a stick in Hawaii. The volcano would continue smoldering and smoking for months.

Remembering Mount Pinatubo 25 Years Ago.

The extrusion of a lava dome on June 7 led to the stduy of a Level 5 alert on June 9, indicating an eruption in progress. This team contained Rick Hoblitt and Dave Harlow. World Airways DC10 airplane sitting on its tail because of the weight of wet volcanic ash. The Ash Warriorsby C.

Remembering Mount Pinatubo 25 Years Ago: Mitigating a Crisis

The following year 3, homes were destroyed. They moved to the back of a cinderblock structure to maybe provide stufy little more hsgs from hot gas and ash; there was nowhere else for them to go.

Newhall and Raymundo S. Clark Air Force Base that happened to be situated only 9 miles from the volcano. Textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products, food processing, petroleum refining, fishing. Additionally, another Mount Pinatubo eruption in August killed 72 people.


When Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines June 15,an estimated 20 million tons of sulphur dioxide and ash particles blasted more than 12 miles 20 km high into the atmosphere, causing widespread destruction and loss of life. Photo above courtesy of Peter Baxter, University of Cambridge. But sstudy the new tools, Hoblitt said, it’s still difficult to predict exactly when a volcano will blow and how large its eruption will be. Shudy has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of South Carolina and a graduate certificate in science communication from the University ugss California, Santa Cruz.

Casd post-eruption landscape at Pinatubo was disorienting; familiar but at the same time, totally different. The first sign that Pinatubo might be restless came in mid-March Tropical Storm Yunya was passing 75 km 47 miles to the northeast of Mount Pinatubo, causing a large amount of rainfall in the region.

Prior toPinatubo was a relatively unknown volcano, yet the Pinatubo eruption on June 15 th was the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20 th Century-second in size only to the Katmai eruption in Alaska. Your email address will not be published. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

mt pinatubo case study usgs

With all of their seismometers swallowed nt the volcano’s pyroclastic flows, Hoblitt, Ewert and their colleagues evacuated Clark Airbase as Typhoon Yunya dumped rain overhead. Tools and expertise would no longer be confined sudy what was physically at the observatory, but instead a global support group would be available to aid the response.


They wouldn’t have to wait long. Today, data received at PVO would be forwarded to colleagues in the U. Consider that in there was no easy access to the internet, no connections to other data sets or scientists other than by telephone.

Pinatubo Volcano Case Study (1991)

The streets were choked with evacuees, including the scientists in charge of monitoring the volcano, who were reduced to rinsing their ash-streaked windshield with a six-pack of cherry soda.

In addition, Clark Airbase, the U. By June the volcano continued rumbling and emitting streams of ash. After the eruption, a lake was formed in the crated 2.

Volcanic Eruption Case study LIC…Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, 1991…

Aboutpeople who evacuated from the lowlands surrounding Pinatubo before and during the eruptions have returned home but face continuing threats from lahars that have already buried numerous towns and villages. Everyone agreed that if there were an evacuation, people must be moved to an area where they would be safe—not statistically safe, but perfectly safe. By June 9, officials had ordered 25, people out of the area.

Volcanic ash and pumice blanketed the countryside. They deployed additional seismometers, walked around looking at ancient volcanic deposits and flew helicopter missions close to the volcano to see what was going on. View all posts by Geography Wizard.

mt pinatubo case study usgs