You will also want to pick some logging targets to direct where your log messages should go, including the console and a text file. If you want to send alerts when exceptions occur, send your exceptions to an error reporting product, like Retrace , that is designed for this. Debug “Sample debug message” ; logger. The last thing you want to do is send an email on every new exception. Info “Sample informational message” ; logger.

I am really struggling to get a basic custom target working with NLog. Anything properties stored will be shared across all threads in your application and available to be included in your logs. NLog Target Configuration and Testing To configure and test the custom NLog Target I created in the previous section, I added a new console application project to my existing solution, and then added the Twilio. NLog has several extension packages that add additional features. There are a lot of log management solutions that can help you with this or you can even set up your own Elasticsearch cluster for it.

Ultimate NLog Tutorial for.

nlog – Create custom Target | nlog Tutorial

For each target, you can customize what fields are logged and how they are displayed. Cannot get NLog custom target to work Ask Question.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Info “Sample informational message” ; logger. Sign in Get started.

Custom NLog configuration

It is second only to log4net in popularity but is much newer and has a few unique features. As you can see in the image below, I receive three text messages corresponding to the Warn, Error and Fatal log events created by my console application. Error “Sample error message” ; logger. Targets are how you direct where you want your logs sent. Sign up using Email and Password. Debug “Sample debug message” ; logger. Trace “Sample trace message” ; logger.


NLog can support multiple targets which represent where your log data is to be written to.

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nlog writing custom target

Logging frameworks are important because they make it easy to send your logs to different places by simply changing your configuration. Logging is nlig of the most basic things that sriting application needs to have to help troubleshoot application problems. During some past profiling sessions to optimize code, I have noticed that the constructors on the LogManager object can use a lot of CPU. Target attribute to the class with a unique name. This is really valuable if you want to specify only certain levels to be logged to a specific logging target or to reduce logging in production.

One fustom could be a target for writing to Azure Storage. If you want to really get the value of structured loggingyou will want to send your logs to a log management tool that can index all the fields and enable powerful searching and analytics capabilities.


nlog writing custom target

You just need to make sure that your app sets the activityId at the start of each request. NLog has several extension packages that add additional features. Anything properties stored will be shared across all threads in your application and available to be included in your logs.

Trace “Sample trace message” ; logger. With the initial project set up, I tagret to write the code for the SMS target.

NET applications, which by default it includes a whole bunch of different Targetsor locations where log events can be written. If you want to query all the files taregt disk, consider using VisualLogParser.

If I comment out the “Gerald” custo, I get logging to file, console, and debug output. First,I modified the class to derive from the NLog. Targets project as a reference.

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