The next stage is spontaneous recovery, where Sniffy was removed from the Skinner box for a time out. We hope Figure 3. The use of animals for teaching puter Shop, and Apple Canada for the support that made our teaching purposes-where no new scientific knowledge will be lab possible. Each one ofthese behaviors is called a se- sequences and sectors are only partially independent of quence. Title Page The title page contains the title of your paper, centered and presented about midsheet, followed by your name, the affiliation Carleton College , and the date of submission. The extinction was instituted at minutes, and completed at minutes.

Sniffy continued to drink water also. Advanced features are provided for the be to work with a real rat in a real operant chamber. The final search has become a hotly debated topic in recent years. The cumulative record shows barpressing during the acquisition and extinction of barpressing. How about make it original? A total of 75 responses takes up a vertical move from the bottom to the top of the paper on the cumulative record. Once the in- tor may want to assign FR, FI, VR, and VI schedules to terval has elapsed, the reinforcer becomes available and different groups of students, since there is time only to remains available until the subject responds.

The paper will most likely be 5 — 8 pages in length.


If Sniffy is not barpressing, the line will is not hungry, food is pqper an effective positive reinforcer. Basically, the positive reinforce- the right physiological state.

End the introduction with the particular question you will ask in your research with Sniffy, and hypothesize how the results will turn out if you are right.

Psychology Winter Lab Manual. The Sniffy software does very little error checking on the values of these parameters, so one must be sure to test any changes thoroughly. Increases take place in two ways.


The frustration drove the animal to continue to approach and not give up. A cur again under similar circumstances in the future. Baseline Behaviors Teaching Operant Conditioning Operant conditioning begins with the discovery of the An animal’s behavioral repertoire is dniffy said to con- untrained rat’s natural behaviors.

As the first approximation of barpressing, Sniffy is rein- CRF is researdh most efficient way to shape up a new be- forced for rearing up on his hind legs anywhere in the havior quickly, but it is no longer necessary once the new chamber.

sniffy the virtual rat research paper

As time elapses, a line will be drawn not to be afraid of handling. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Your Answer is very sinffy for Us Thank you a lot! This was the end of the experiment.

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Sniffy The Virtual Rat Experiment Essay

These studies involve rats and observing the rat in the Skinner box. Remember me on this computer. Ratio schedules are chosen by clicking the radio button One of the big advantages Sniffy has over a real rat is labeled “Responses.

sniffy the virtual rat research paper

We do not claim that the exact slope of the re- animal-care technicians. The issue to avoid in the results is too much speculation and over-interpretation; the results section of any scientific report is meant to present the behavioral outcome only, and not to interpret what that means, or any new problems that arise.

Birtual never had to feel frustrated that he never received food during bar pressing.

(PDF) Sniffy, the virtual rat: Simulated operant conditioning | lester krames –

Such a development would extend the useful- Modifying the Simulation Parameters ness of Sniffy in the classroom as a toy problem domain The program allows the user to modify learning param- that we could employ to teach connectionist simulation eters and to customize the display to suit a variety of techniques. On a vari- after a rat has been trained on a CRF schedule? However, to get them to do so, students timed behaviors begin to affect the rat’s behaviors in the must start out with small response or time values, increase Skinner box.


The cumulative record in Figure 1 of the procedure that one employs to turn the sound made shows an accelerated version, in which the acquisition and by the food delivery mechanism into a secondary rein- extinction of barpressing takes about 20 min instead of forcer for Sniffy. On a variable ratio VR schedule, ule see Figure 2 below.

sniffy the virtual rat research paper

If Sniffy is close Over the next several minutes, the response rate climbs; enough, he will find it quickly and start to form an as- the cumulative record becomes steeper and steeper. Ifthe rat at the bottom.


The program maintains three variables that correspond The number of associations controls the amount of to the schedule that the rat “thinks” it is on.

Mainly used to study operant conditioning, which refers to increasing the rate at which a response occurs Hergenhahn and Olson, Click here to sign up. Sniffy ment as if it were something that had to occur on every is easier to shape than a real rat would be, partly because occasion.

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