Empirically it deals with a wide variety of language data, including materials collected from my own fieldwork in two under-researched Tibeto-Burman languages—Jingpo and Newari. Or is it a combination of these features, which clearly overlap in their distribution? Whenever a predicate selects an external argument, i. Given the different theoretical assumptions behind the two approaches, something additional needs to be said in order to justify this approach to accusative Case-checking in the strictly minimalist framework adopted by Brown. The river froze solid.

Rather, Neg0 simply carries a polarity feature, which for Brown, is all that is necessary to license GN. As reported in above, this is indeed what we find. Brown argues that AspP dominates NegP in the functional hierarchy. Even if we try to force an existential reading on the subject in negated contexts, it is near impossible to produce a grammatical utterance with a Genitive subject of an unergative verb, as in 61 below. However, it is no longer the head of the QP — unnoticed in previous analyses of distributive po-phrases in Russian. The best advice anyone ever gave me while writing my dissertation came from Len.

It was argued above that external arguments are incapable of valuing genitive Case under negation due to properties of the v0 head selecting these arguments. Beghelli and Stowell illustrate that subjects containing all neutrally take wide scope over negation, while objects headed by all are scopally a.

Unaccusative Syntax in Russian

King first discussed these predicates in detail for Russian. Rather than focus on the semantics of unaccusative predicates, I will focus my attention on the syntax, making reference to semantics only when necessary. Rather, she argues that the intransitive predicates in 36 are best treated as instances of variable behavior predicates, whose syntactic behavior may alternate between unaccusative and unergative, depending on the interpretation of the predicate itself, as well as the syntactic context note that all of the examples in diswertation involve locative inversion, which is argued by Babyonyshev to be hqrves diagnostic for unaccusativity.


stephanie harves dissertation

Williams uses the examples in to argue against Bellettiillustrating that the post-verbal NP in presentational and existential sentences cannot occupy the object position, but rather, must right-adjoin to the VP.

Therefore, the claim that these QPs are truly Caseless is too strong. Let us consider a derivation stephqnie to see how this might work. Ego sbilo s nog motociklom.

This leaves the prefix with nothing to bind at PH2, and thus, the derivation crashes. That variable behavior predicates exist in Russian should come as no surprise. That 76a allows GN to appear on the embedded object dissdrtation the control infinitive is predicted by my analysis in the following way.

V sadu rosli tri rozy. Thus, a causative analysis of these predicates is clearly superior to an unaccusative one.

stephanie harves dissertation

In Ian Roberts ed. A Spurious Genitive Puzzle in Polish.

Vera Zu’s successful dissertation defense

However, it does not seem unreasonable to extend all instances of feature-valuing to the Agree ment mechanism proposed in Chomsky I have argued that post-verbal subjects of 52 I assume that the nominative subject matches its phi-features in situ, via AGREE with T0, following Chomskya. Ja uvidel dvux Babby The perspectival center of an utterance is essentially the point of view from which the speaker considers the situation. This brings us to the third question, i. K sintaksisu i semasiologii russkogo jazyka.


A view from Cuzco Quechua. Irwinbuilding on the insights of Morodiscusses two types of unaccusative predicates.

Further-more, this pattern holds generally across all hadves of transitive verbs in Russian. These data strengthen the claim that unaccusative subjects are really underlying direct objects. Imperfective passives in Russian are formed via —sja suffixation, while perfective passives are formed via —en suffixation, as shown in below.

stephanie harves dissertation

Active Vo vremja vojny, polja obrabatyvali soldaty. He argued that these infinitives undergo restructuring, a process in which the infinitives are reanalyzed as a complex predicate with the matrix verb. Honestly, I expected a lot less disertation at the library and it was the main reason I chose the location to do my dissertation writing.

stephanie harves dissertation

Let dissertafion consider another explanation. In transitive and unergative structures, only the grammatical subject can and must check the EPP in the overt syntax, given the MLC recall her analysis of locative inversion in 2.

A View from Quechua. In order to account for these examples, Pesetsky is forced to make a further stipulation. Why should it be impossible for a predicate that selects an external argument to occur with non-agreeing impersonal morphology?

We will consider just one class of these predicates here.