Low-impact monitoring of dynamic vegetation communities in East Antarctica. I am also building a Bayesian network to model the factors that influence the abundance and longevity of Phyllospora wrack in a future ocean. The fact that this behaviour has been shown to vary considerably, within a single species and also between multiple species across genera or families, indicates that there may be external factors influencing the behaviour. This project aims to set the ground work for this using a new method to measure plant photosynthetic health. Journal of Applied Phycology 25 3 p.

Professor David Ayre Email: Professor Sharon Robinson Co-supervisor: Integrating transient heterogeneity of non-photochemical quenching in shade-grown heterobaric leaves of avocado Persea americana L. Aquaculture is a growing industry that provides an alternative source of seafood to wild caught fisheries. The role of environmental variables in mediating interactions between the Eastern Mosquito fish and Australian fauna.

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Competitive interaction among native plants: I have a broad interest in the spatial ecology and conservation of marine assemblages. Phylogeny of Antarctic Mosses Awards: Phyllospora comosa, an tracksr brown alga, provides important habitat for a wide variety of marine species, including invertebrates.

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One way to improve productivity and lessen resource wastage would be to measure plant health from a distance and over large areas, allowing farmers to selectively allocate resources to plants which need them. Searchable publications Link to more tracier. Integrating transient heterogeneity of non-photochemical quenching in shade-grown heterobaric leaves of avocado Persea americana L.

Australian Journal of Botany. My research focuses on monitoring vegetation in Antarctica, and developing a system for automated identification trackwr Antarctic vegetation from digital photos.

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Response of the hairy mussel Trichomya hirsuta to sediment-metal contamination in the presence of a bioturbator. My research combines the fields of behavioural ecology and conservation biology to explore how interspecies interactions between the Eastern Mosquito fish, Gambusia holbrooki and native freshwater fish are mediated by environmental variables via a combination of laboratory and field experiments.


Sensitivity of subantarctic marine invertebrates to metals under a changing climate. Large temporal and spatial gaps in meteorological data limit our ability to understand past and present trends, and so to forecast the future; making the development of innovative climate proxies a high priority.

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Offshore abalone farming in Port Phillip Bay: Check out when UOW is coming near you. Physical dormancy is one of the most common types of dormancy in these ecosystems where heat from fire breaks the dormancy. Developing seascape models for pelagic and demersal fish assemblages.

Posidonia australis is a threatened seagrass species with endangered populations in the Sydney region, NSW. Marine Ecology Progress Series. Phytoremediation of hydrocarbon contaminants in subantarctic soils: However very little is known about how the temperatures needed to break dormancy vary between and within sites, and what possible causes of any variation may exist.

By increasing yields, using environmentally sensitive methods, the efficiency and production potential of trackr systems increases. This project will investigate the ecological, social and life history factors at the root of this decision thfsis a model group of coral-reef associated fishes.

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This study will contribute to our understanding of seed ecology in fire-prone ecosystems and therefore improve our ability to predict and manage potential risks to species in fire-prone vegetation, under increasing anthropogenic management and future climatic changes. Bryophyte species composition over moisture gradients in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica: My project will determine the sensitivities of a range of subantarctic marine invertebrates to metal contamination.


Unfortunately, it is particularly susceptible to climate change, leading to a recorded decline along the urbanized Sydney coastline.

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I use Stereo Baited Remote Underwater Video BRUVs to identify and compare fish communities found on temperate soft sediments, including in NSW marine park sanctuary zones no-take zoneshabitat protection zones recreational fishing allowed and areas outside of the marine park that are targeted by both tracjer fishers and commercial fishing vessels.

Aggression in fish depends on environmental conditions.

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The biotic and abiotic factors driving this distribution were also investigated using statistical models and manipulative experiments. The role of environmental variables in mediating interactions between the Eastern Mosquito fish and Australian fauna.

My research includes spatial and temporal analysis of Phyllospora wrack distribution and its thexis invertebrate fauna. One of the most astonishing facets of animal societies is the decision of individuals to join a group as a non-breeding subordinate member. This study will contribute to the understanding of seagrass communities worldwide and to the development of rracker seagrass monitoring and management programs. The Laverick-Webster-Hewitt Prize for the overall best performance in the final examination of a student reading Geology Environmental Science – University of Sheffield.

Dominating the Antarctic environment: