People like me will be thankful. I want to ask if i can still send an email to you to ask some questions about the application process? In the Singaporean context, JC transcript would be your Prelim transcript. There was no personal statement required as far as I remember but we only had a choice for the first essay. You are commenting using your Facebook account. By then, the application for Spring has already closed. Sign me up for the newsletter!

There are also many MNCs operating in Korea that are looking for employees with international background. Of course you are also allowed to get the Consular Confirmation from the Korean Embassy in your country. And Korean university degrees are still not as internationally accepted. I will need an admission scholarship as well because of financial reasons so I will need rather good grades right? If you intend to pursue a degree using Korean as the language medium, the university would expect a Level 4 at least on the TOPIK Test of Proficiency in Korean , and your certificate as proof. Yet, I talked a bit about wanting to pursue graduate studies later on when it was my turn to do some questions. I know that once you apply you are eligible for a scholarship but that is only if you get a high score during your admission process.

Also, how easy is it to get a scholarship?

WHY UIC? – ‘a house built on the rock’

My friend is studying in EIC there… I would recommend you to check out the EIC website first, or you could send an email to webmaster yonsei. So many pre-med students in Yonsei are actually older than your average undergrad student. Actually, they came uuic my school for a talk as well and I was really attracted by the courses that they offered.


Notify me of new posts by email. I wanna chose essaj. I define UIC as ‘a house built on the rock’.

But I want you to help me further please! If you refer to the admissions guide http: Spring admission is in March and Fall admission is in September. But provided ypnsei you do well in that more difficult course too.

And what is the percentage like? There are a few Singaporean students studying in Korean undergraduate programmes now, fulfilling only the minimum TOPIK requirement usually level 3 or 4which I feel is not dssay to be able to understand classes, which is why they struggle a lot in their studies.

Therefore I would recommend that you prepare well for the application and interview as well: Notify me of new comments via email. I intend to apply to Yonsei, department of pre-medicine.

Underwood International College

If you take your studies seriously, then you first have to make sure that your Korean foundation is strong. It says that they are going to call twice, including the interview announcement date…? And Korean university degrees are still not as internationally accepted. yonsie

If you are really keen on doing pre-med at Yonsei, I would suggest that you really take out 1 year to study at KLI in Yonsei or any other Korean universityfor a couple of reasons.


Good luck and hope that things will go well! I know UIC is a separate entity from the college of med, but I hope you can help me! Thank you once again! And it was also because my area of interest is the Northeast Asian region, ypnsei I already know Japanese and Esay, so it would be very useful if I could pick up Korean as well, and of course it is best yyonsei learn about the region if you stay there, so that further encouraged me to apply.

yonsei uic essay

I was part of my CCA team that achieved second position 2 years in row. Honsei you should totally write about your study life in Korea.

Have a safe flight!

yonsei uic essay

This might be a rather personal and sensitive question but can I ask what were your A level scores? The real Underwood College is far more different than that. I hope that can be helping in gauging.

Underwood International College

I love being here but there is a long way to uid for this place to be ready to truly embrace international students. If you graduate in June then you can only apply for admission in Fall or later. Also, is the main language for communication English?

This helped me a lot.

yonsei uic essay

Thank you very much! I am getting an IB highschool diploma, is this recognized there?